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Why Do Teeth Shift Out of Alignment?

February 6, 2021

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Realizing your teeth no longer align like they should can be a rude awakening. The way you eat, speak, and smile can leave you wondering what caused it to happen in the first place. Whether you’re embarrassed by the change in your appearance or simply want to avoid more serious issues down the road, an orthodontist explains what can cause teeth shifting and how various treatment options can help you regain your confidence as well as improve your smile aesthetics.

Why Do Teeth Shift?

Although it would be nice to pinpoint one specific cause for shifting teeth, the truth is that there are many reasons your beautiful smile can fall out of alignment. The most common include:

  • Age: As you grow older, your facial shape changes. This includes your jaw, facial muscles, tissues, and ligaments. As a result, your jaw can become weak and cause teeth to loosen. Should they shift, you will notice a change in your bite.
  • Bruxism: Also known as teeth grinding, this common problem causes excessive wear and tear on your tooth enamel and can cause a shift in your bite.
  • Missing Teeth: When one or more teeth are missing, your natural, healthy teeth will try to move to cover the vacant spot.
  • Gum Disease: As bacteria attacks the gum tissue, it can destroy the jawbone and cause teeth to become loose and fall out. This eventually causes other teeth to shift out of alignment.

Other possible reasons for shifting teeth also include everything from tongue thrust to changes in bone density. Should you discover a change in your bite, do not wait to seek professional help.

Available Treatments to Bring Them Back Into Alignment

Your orthodontist is the perfect go-to person for treatment because treating misaligned teeth is their specialty. Whether it is with traditional braces, Invisalign, or another orthodontic solution, they can help your teeth move back into proper alignment, effectively giving you back your beautiful smile and improving its functionality.

After a thorough examination of your oral cavity and facial structure, an orthodontist will recommend one or more possible options to fix your smile. Depending on your preferences and what they believe you are eligible to receive, you can opt to wear metal brackets and wires or clear, plastic aligners that make for a more subtle and flexible method of treatment. No matter your choice, the results will prove worthwhile, especially once you are able to eat without difficulty and smile with confidence.

While each orthodontic solution moves teeth in a unique way, the important thing to remember is that all braces have the same goal, which is to bring your smile into proper alignment. Once this happens, you can expect your quality of life to significantly improve.

About the Author
Dr. Susan Podray-Donovan is a board-certified orthodontist who believes in the importance of a healthy smile for all patients. She and her team at Serenity Orthodontics offer a multitude of orthodontic solutions design to treat all types of dental problems, including overcrowding, spaces between teeth, and misaligned bites. To learn what you can do to address your shifting teeth, visit our website or call (470) 589-4475.

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