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Retainers & Oral Appliances – Cumming, GA

More Than
Just Braces

Three teen boys with braces and retainers

When you hear the word “orthodontics,” what comes to mind? Probably the image of a child with metal braces, right? Thankfully, not only are Dr. Podray and Dr. Lewis able to help adults as well as teens and young children, but they can also offer many, many other treatments beyond braces. Appliances like retainers, expanders, and headgear enable them to move the teeth in unique ways as well as ensure that a patient’s results last for a lifetime. You can learn more about some of the appliances we use every day to help our patients below, and to see which ones might be right for you or your child, be sure to call us today to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss retainers and oral appliances in Cumming, GA.

Why Choose Serenity Orthodontics for Retainers & Oral Appliances?

  • All Appliances Specially-Designed for Each Patient
  • Stop Thumb-Sucking for Good with a Thumb Crib
  • Orthodontist with Years of Experience & Special Training

Removable Retainers

Woman holding up clear retainer

After the teeth have been straightened using braces or a clear aligner treatment, a patient will be asked to wear a retainer. This is because, without it, the teeth will start to shift back to their original positions, and no one wants that! Removable retainers are made of plastic and held in place within the mouth using small metal arms that gently loop around the teeth. At first, a patient will be asked to wear their retainer(s) as much as possible, but after a few months, it will only need to be worn to bed.

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Fixed Retainers

Smiling teen with fixed retainer

Fixed retainers are ideal for teeth that have a very high likelihood of shifting again after a patient has undergone orthodontic treatment. A small metal bar is affixed to a few teeth using some dental cement. The bar is placed on the back of the teeth so it’s virtually invisible, and it’s extremely thin as well. So, after a few days, a patient won’t even be able to feel it.

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Teen girl with headgear

An issue like a pronounced overbite, underbite, or crossbite might not be able to be corrected with braces alone, but orthodontic headgear can help align the bite without a patient having to undergo invasive jaw surgery. Typically recommended for children, a device that goes over and around the head is attached to the braces before a patient goes to bed, and it applies the force needed to direct the growth of the jaw to ensure the teeth come together as they should.

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Palatal Expander

Animated smile with palatal expander in place

The roof of the mouth, or hard palate, can sometimes be so narrow that it prevents a child’s upper teeth from coming in straight. This can lead to crookedness and even impaction in some cases. To help correct this, we can place a small metal bar that runs along the roof of the mouth. Over time, this bar will be gradually widened, creating a broader hard palate. This can help the upper teeth come in correctly and also create enough room for the teeth to shift in response to braces.

Thumb Crib

Young boy sucking his thumb

Thumb sucking is adorable when babies do it, but if this habit continues after a child’s teeth start coming in, it can lead to serious orthodontic issues down the road, including crooked and gapped teeth and an underdeveloped jaw. If you haven’t had success getting your child to stop this habit, we can place a small appliance in their mouth that physically blocks them from sucking their thumb. In a few weeks, the child will stop naturally, and then the crib can be removed.