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Advanced Orthodontic Services & Technology – Cumming, GA

Personalized Care Using Cutting-Edge Technology

Orthodontist and team member treating patients

Thanks to the technology we use here at Serenity Orthodontics, we’re able to design and fully personalize every aspect of a patient’s treatment down to the finest detail. This leads to not only a healthier, straighter, and more stunning smile, but a smoother and faster patient experience as well! From your first consultation all the way until you walk out of our office with your new smile, you’ll benefit from the most advanced orthodontic services and technology in our Cumming, GA orthodontic office. To get started, give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation.

Why Choose Serenity Orthodontics for Advanced Orthodontic Services & Technology?

  • Orthodontist with Nearly a Decade of Experience
  • iTero Digital Imaging: See Your Results Before Treatment Begins
  • Propel & AcceleDent: Orthodontic Care Put into Overdrive

iTero Digital Imaging

iTero digital bite impression on computer screen

iTero digital imaging enables our team to create highly-detailed digital impressions we can use to customize a patient’s appliance. With this kind of image, we can even simulate what a patient’s teeth will look like after undergoing treatment, getting them excited about the process ahead. This can be tremendously motivating and ensure younger patients follow directions throughout their orthodontic journey.

Indirect Bonding

An indirect bonding bracket placement guide

For many years, when a patient was getting braces put on, each individual bracket had to be placed onto each tooth and bonded. This process could be quite time consuming, but we’ve drastically shortened it thanks to indirect bonding. Now, using a small guide, we can place multiple brackets at the same time and quickly attach them to the teeth. Every bracket has a small amount of bonding material on them, and Dr. Podray and Dr. Lewis can use a curing light to quickly harden it and secure them in place.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

Image of Insignia advanced orthodontic smile design on computer screen

From the shape, size, and placement of the brackets to how quickly they move the teeth, Insignia Advanced Smile Design software gives Dr. Podray and Dr. Lewis complete control of every detail when it comes to planning a patient’s orthodontic treatment. 100% custom-made brackets and wires help speed up teeth movement while making it as comfortable as possible. With Serenity Orthodontics, you can trust that you or your child’s braces have been personally designed by Dr. Podray and Dr. Lewis to create a new, stunning smile.

Accelerated Orthodontics

Young woman with braces

At Serenity Orthodontics, we don’t simply give a patient braces or clear aligners and wait for them to work their magic on the teeth. Now, we can apply accelerated orthodontics to speed up teeth movement so a patient can enjoy their final results months ahead of the typical schedule.

AcceleDent orthodontic appliance tool

AcceleDent® Accelerated Orthodontics

AcceleDent is a small device that consists of a mouthpiece attached to a handle. A patient simply places their teeth onto the mouthpiece, turns on AcceleDent, and it sends thousands of tiny micro-vibrations into the bone that supports the teeth. This speeds up the bone remodeling process necessary for the teeth to shift, and by just using AcceleDent for 20 minutes a day, it has been shown to speed up the orthodontic process by 30% or more!

Propel accelerated orthodontics appliance

Propel® Accelerated Orthodontics

Whenever a patient comes to see us for a progress checkup, we can place very small holes into the jawbone near the teeth using Propel, which is a small, pen-like instrument. This helps the bone remodel itself much more quickly, allowing the teeth to shift more efficiently in response to braces or clear aligners. The process only takes a few minutes, and thanks to local anesthetic, it’s completely painless. On average, it can shorten a person’s treatment time by as much as 50%!