2 Braces Myths Busted

No Gum:

You have heard that gum chewing is not allowed while wearing orthodontic braces. This myth has been around for years. This a myth was made up by old school orthodontists and their efforts to appease school teachers back when bands, wires and braces glues resembled train tracks. Today chewing a piece of sugar free gum can help you in your orthodontic treatment. Gum chewing increases saliva in your mouth this has several benefits. Extra slippery mouths get irritated less by braces. Extra saliva increases calcium phosphate in your mouth which acts as an acidic buffer to reduce white scars and caries lesions. Xylitol found in some sugar free gums can help reduce bacteria in your mouth assisting in fresh breathe while acting a fore for reducing cavities. The exercise of chewing gum is also great for reducing discomfort associated with orthodontic movement. It relieves pain because blood flow to the area helps to promote cellular health and circulation.Increase in circulation allows blood to remove cytokines, causing a decrease in pain

Faster Braces:

You have heard some types of braces are faster. This statement is busted! Teeth move at a biological speed based on physiological limitations of bone biology. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts remodel the bone that house our teeth during alignment. Teeth will move equally fast or slow, with regards to an individual’s biology. Teeth do not know what moves them ie thumb sucking, braces or clear aligners. Orthodontists are experts in tooth movement and can gaidge treatment time for orthodontic goals, ie alignment, bite correction and esthetics.
Many companies have claimed their appliances and treatments are faster for moving teeth than traditional orthodontics. The Fast braces claim is false and a marketing trick to attract prospective patients to request products from their doctors. These marketing claims of fast braces and 6 months braces are based on the time treatment ends, this is often before all orthodontic goals are met. In other words treatment ends in a set amount of visits or time frame to achieve better results, Not best results. Ending orthodontic treatment early to comply with a marketing gimmick can leave major bite, alignment and esthetic compromises.
Visiting an Orthodontist can give you a better sense of treatment time and range of appliances that suit your style.

Dr. Susan Podray is a certified orthodontist with practices in Cumming, Suwanee and Braselton. Smile consultations are complimentary at Serenity Orthodontics. She will review your orthodontic options so you can smile with confidence.